Orange Whip Swing Trainer Review

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

There are a lot of devices around that guarantee golfers ideal position, improved swings and fixed pieces. It can get completely mind-boggling attempting to match each of them. Golf training and coaching guides seem to be a dime a dozen. And many end up receiving as that treadmill that sits and collects dust in the corner as much use. If only there were more products out there that could help you enhance your swing without hoisting you into embarrassing and uncomfortable postures. Or possibly a training aid that you could continuously use. And gain from longer than some of those other options that make an effort to promise the quick fix and nothing more. Orange whip swing trainer recently had an opportunity to examine some new products which are planned to make us golfers. Claims and the assurances seem familiar to other product. But that is where the similarities end. The Orange whip swing trainer are diverse from your everyday golf instruction aid. I’ve spent a little more than a month testing them equally and I am excited to share my conclusions with you.

Orange whip swing trainer
Orange whip swing trainer Weighted and counterweighted swing training aid perfect for pre-round warm up. Click to buy on Amazon

My testing here is a tad about the business and the products analyzed before I enter into:

About Orange whip swing trainer

Based in Easley, South Carolina, The Orange whip swing trainer was developed by PGA Professional Jim Hackenberg to aid golfers find their perfect fit swing. The precision-engineered device combines a counter weighting system. And flexible shaft that work in unison to fuel the organic swing action movement unique to every individual. Supporting golfers find their ideal swing plane, creating optimum lag, attaining seamless collection of movement, promoting balance through the swing and building primary muscle strength. The Orange whip swing trainer is now used by more than 150 Tour Pros as a portion of fitness routines and their standard practice.

Orange whip swing trainer benefits

Flexibility: The pounds on each end of the flexible base supplies a low-impact stretch while swinging.

Strength: When utilized all through repetitive-motion drills the orange whip provide a core muscle work out. The wrists and arms obtain a work-out during the hinging actions while moving and doing exercises that are numerous.

Control: The orange whip synchronizes physique while and the arms swinging it . An individual will shed their equilibrium and/or feel uncomfortable if this motion is out of sync.

Speed: As bodywork and the hands together, a natural beat gets control of the swing. This is how your pace evolves, some may possibly not be slow or slow, yet constantly in equilibrium using an successful movement.

Orange whip

The orange whip was designed to enrich the golfing side understanding process by changing fixed and dynamic equilibrium positions. Comparable to standing at the bottom of a sphere. The Orange whip produces a slight inward pressure in legs and the bag. Which assists support and strengthen the hips/core region at address.

Orange whip swing trainer
Orange whip swing trainer Flexible shaft and counterweighted system designed to enhance swing rhythm and balance and synchronize arms with the body. Click to buy on Amazon



 THP Testing

Prior to the critique I had learned about the Orange whip Coach. Among my golf pals has one and utilizes it to warmup prior to enjoying with a round of golf or striking balls. I had spoke to him and he described the benefits of these warmups. Once I heard that I might be testing exactly the same product I used to be underneath the supposition that I too might be analyzing it and using it as a pre – round warm tool up. After visiting with their web site and talking with someone from the company I immediately realized that this would be a great deal more than a instrument to warm up with.

After searching through the drills and researching the story on the other side of the Orange whip swing trainer. They outline on their site I couldn’t wait to begin. It’s extremely noticeable that the Orange whip  Trainer is much more than meets the eye. Particularly when matched up with the Orange whip. The package was received by me and put out every-thing in entrance of me and without very little training and any assemblage I was prepared to go. I forthwith started working primarily with the Orange whip swing trainer utilizing the swing drill that was complete. As instructed I began to swing the whip again and out steadily attaining a swing motion that was full. I love the feeling of tempo and interim your swing is forced by this into without needing to manipulate it in any manner. Only dogging the beat, letting the fat of the device and the strength of my momentum direct my hands and shoulders along perhaps not simply helped engrain fantastic pace but additionally. It feels amazing on the heart and surprisingly to me, my straight back.

Without going too much into detail I ‘ll say that I’ve suffered from backache for a long time. I trying to extend my back like they’re a multi vitamin to assist keep the pain suppressed and swallowing pain killer each and every morning,. The game of golf seems to actually aid my back stay loose and typically pain free until subsequent to the round. I was equally astonished and extremely happy to figure away that using the Orange whip swing trainer 3 occasions an evening for one minute. Or so each time has already helped my right back to the point that I don’t instantly take the Aleve in the morning, rather I grab the Orange whip and get some shifts in. It was definitely an extra plus that I had not been expecting from this testing.

While my most-used and favorite drill is the full-swing exercise utilizing only the whip I have discovered that when you match the Orange whip together you really get yourself a terrific core workout a really good swing training all at one time. That’s concerning the only negative thing I could say about it. Although the rind is not readily left and big right by my dining room cupboard like the beat is. My first impulse was that I’d get some fantastic work in falsifying different types of lies I strike in a typical round of golf but there’s considerably more to the Orange whip than that indeed. I have a hard time explaining it much better than what the company does on their website. But by forcing the body into a position that generates that inward pressure on your toes and thighs you should support your self when using the beat or swinging a golf club while sitting on the Orangepeel. This helps raise your balance at the exact same time as working fantastic to reinforce your core.

With regards to my swing action I ‘ve experienced some gains from utilizing both the Orange whip and the Fruit Whip Coach. My motorist swing notably feels a lot more fluid and my weight change has unquestionably improved. No longer am I fall to the proper and hanging back on my right-side viewing my drive balloon. I believe like I’m producing athletic move and a fine powerful through the golf ball. A motion that is impacted by the shifts with the Orange whip swing trainer. The Orange whip has helped me sense like I’m getting a better turning in my own swing. As well as for me personally the biggest advantage of the rind is that it’s helped lessen my inclination to elevate my human body through impact. While both products analyzed offered me some extremely advantageous consequences the thing I liked most about it was the improvements come not by dramatically changing any such thing about your swing by promoting the sensation of great pace and good interim. The Orange whip swing trainer won’t instantly reveal you a flaw in your swing and mend it but and after more use you create a much better swing and a better golf game simply by doing only using it. It’s simply, swing the whip and you’ll enhance your swing action. At least that it feels to me.


The Orange whip swing trainer is hands down the finest coaching guide I’ve used, simple as that. I love how easy it’s to throw in your golf bag. And use prior to some round for warming up, or just simply abandon it to sit for repeated uses daily in a area of your house. I practically need 2 of them come to think about it! Honest to goodness it has assisted me with mine. Although I’m not going to sit here and tell you you’ll be cured instantly and that if you’ve got a tender back go get this. Therefore much the longer I’ve employed the Orange Beat Coach my back seems all day long, although sure I’m nonetheless angry, likely always will be.

The Orange whip was actually liked by me once I was done using it. I ‘ll say that for me personally v cumbersome size like the mix is it only isn’t as simple to catch and move through some exercises 3 occasions an evening. Because that I set up it within my workout area at home, yes correct next to that treadmill that collects dirt of. For this particular screening. I produced it a stage to repeatedly proceed in and get on it for some shifts as often as I could but because it’s within an area of the house that isn’t handed by several instances an evening it wouldn’t get the focus the whip does on a long term foundation. You would gain by having the Orange Peel readily accessible for these practices if it is allowed by your living preparations although. It seems like more of a piece of exercise equipment if you ask me in that you really need to be dedicated to utilizing it to get the many out of it.

Both products can be found at golf stores across the country or right in the business’s site at While the Orange whip goes for $109 responses from some newsgroup members is that they appear to cost pretty high, the Orange whip swing trainer expenses $109. Determined by how you look at it the price can look really very reasonable, or high. They probably do seem a small considerably costed. If you searching at it as a swing movement training device then yes. But if you believe of these as a general human anatomy training tool considering the additional advantages such as for instance a stronger center. More flexibility and help alleviating a sore in those days. Within my situation I personally feel that they’re equally really very inexpensive. Frequently times lies about and gathers debris or their purpose is served by golfing coaching guides to an individual and possibly gets handed-down. I will say with no doubt that with ongoing use the Orange whip and the Orange whip swing trainer will undoubtedly a DD you and your swing and more value the longer you utilize them both.

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